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Join us for conferences and various webinars to get a unique insight into the sector and understand how a tech-oriented approach to social housing can save you time and money.

Housing Technology Conference 2022

Exclusively for Sector Consultants — Driving Self-Serve in Social Housing

πŸ“ Zoom Webinar πŸ“… 19/05/23 12:30-1:20 (PM)

Social Housing landlords (Housing Associations and Local Authorities) NEED self-serve to play a bigger role in 2023 and beyond. It can be both a significant cost down measure, and it also empowers tenants and gives them a sense of progress. Consumer self-serve works wonderfully well in other sectors, including:

  • Banking
  • Travel (taxis, trains, flights)
  • Food delivery
  • Retail
  • Utility management
  • Health – growing rapidly

…so why is it so far behind the curve in Social Housing? The fact is that many IT suppliers have provided only 1st generation solutions and failed to keep up with evolving technology. Often, landlords have been slow to appreciate consumer needs and underestimate the power of cloud computing the smartphone. That’s where sector consultants can help.

This webinar is exclusively for consultants in the Social Housing sector (IT consultants, cost-down consultants and consumer engagement consultants). The webinar will be as open and interactive as you wish to make it – inviting probing questions and exploring all aspects including pricing models and lead times.

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Check out our past events below. If you see one you’re interested in finding out more about, please get in touch for a 1-1 session or join one of our upcoming webinars!

Housing Technology Conference 2022

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) — Are you ready

πŸ“ Zoom Webinar πŸ“… 22/03/23 10:00-10:50 (AM)

From 1st April 2023, all social housing landlords must comply with the Regulators new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) — see:

At OptusApp, we’ve built the tenant-centric solution that allows your tenants to express their opinion, report damp & mould, pay rent and much more – all from the convenience of a powerful native mobile app. This is not just another tenant’s portal – it’s far more powerful than that – it’s a native app that allows push notifications, fingerprint login, geo-tagging of ASB, and more.

With no development costs, and full support and maintenance included, the app is system-agnostic, so it integrates with any HMS or CRM you are already using. Come and join one of our free webinars to learn more.


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