9th July 2024, London:

True Compliance, a leading building compliance software specialist covering everything from the ‘Big 6’ all the way to playground inspections and beyond, today announced a strategic partnership with OptusApp for tenant facing self-serve solutions. To date, both companies have been focused on the UK social housing sector, expanding their offerings to enhance tenant engagement and streamline compliance processes.


OptusApp is the recognised leader in the social housing sector for powerful and flexible self-serve solutions. They offer a range of tenant-facing features including repairs reporting and repairs appointment setting, rent payments and reporting of ASB and nuisance noise incidences.


Alastair Thorpe, Chief Commercial Officer at True Compliance commented that “Here at True Compliance we provide a vital service for social housing landlords of all sizes. We currently service landlords with combined estates of over 900,000 homes. Our clients rely on us to bring them cutting edge compliance solutions, allowing them to meet and exceed their regulatory compliance obligations. OptusApp allows us to offer a tenant-facing smartphone app for access to compliance documentation, appointment booking, and 2-way messaging.”


The combination of OptusApp’s native smartphone app, and True Compliance’s expertise in compliance management will offer landlords of all sizes enhanced services for appointment notification and fulfilment, document access, and both personal (individual tenant) and group (estate) messaging. Tenants will be able to choose from a list of landlord-approved appointment dates and time slots, and rearrange appointments only within landlord customisable restrictions. Embedded 2-way customer messaging greatly reduces the ‘no-access’ risk while also creating significant cost efficiencies and productivity results for landlords.


“We have long believed that a powerful self-serve solution is one of the key missing components in the UK social housing sector value chain”, commented Gerry Kelly, CEO at OptusApp. “Progressive landlords know that genuine self-serve must be customer-centric, (not system-centric) and include native smartphone features such as push notifications, fingerprint login and face recognition where appropriate. Self-serve is a productivity and efficiency driver, and landlords should be targeting a 75% self-serve rate across their range of customer facing services.”


OptusApp is a cloud-native solution and working in conjunction with True Compliance to roll-out their combined services to a number of social housing landlords through 2024, with further announcements expected in the coming months.


About OptusApp:

OptusApp is unique in the UK social housing sector as the only provider of a powerful tenant self-serve solution in a native smartphone app format. Creation and distribution of TSM surveys, reporting repairs or ASB, paying rent, or notifications of community events, are just some of the core elements of the OptusApp solution. OptusApp is suitable for landlords of all sizes, is system agnostic and will integrate with any HMS or CRM. It is supplied on a simple SaaS commercial model, on a per-tenant usage basis (no additional fees for Support and Maintenance).


For further details contact Gerry Kelly (gerry@optusapp.com  0777 5816163), or visit optusapp.com


About True Compliance:

True Compliance is a comprehensive compliance management platform designed to streamline and simplify compliance processes for housing providers. It offers an all-inclusive solution covering various compliance streams, from the “Big 6” to playground inspections. Key features include automated reporting, customisable widgets, and robust data integration capabilities. True Compliance is designed to ensure data accuracy, regulatory adherence, and seamless integration. By consolidating compliance activities into one user-friendly platform, True Compliance enhances efficiency, reduces administrative burdens, and helps providers maintain the highest standards of safety and compliance.


True Compliance Dashboard:

For more about True Compliance, please email hello@truecompliance.co.uk or visit www.truecompliance.co.uk