About US – The Optus Homes Team

We are an ambitious team with a clear goal to bring the residential rental sector into the digital age for consumers, with a mobile first self-serve approach. Optus Homes is guided by a team of professionals with wide ranging experiences across both the social and private rental sector, consumer engagement, IT, strategic planning and finance.

Gerry Kelly – CEO
Gerry is a seasoned and respected strategic business development professional. His senior management experiences stretch across manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, the audio & video entertainment sector, and most recently SaaS/PaaS, and consumer engagement. Gerry has held management positions in large corporates (including Mitsubishi, Verbatim and Sony) and also managed a start-up from formation through to divestment. A native of Ireland, he has lived in the UK for the past 30 years, except for expatriate assignments (Tokyo).
Marcus Robbins – Non-Executive Director, Strategy
Marcus is a consulting and software professional with over 25 years’ experience in leadership and client facing roles. His leadership experience within the technology sector includes large corporates (including Microsoft, Capgemini, Fujitsu) and much smaller organisations and start-ups. He has worked across many sectors including Financial Services, Communications and Media and spent many years delivering citizen centric solutions into UK Public Sector using CRM technologies. He is highly creative and more recently has been demonstrating thought leadership in Culture, Leadership, Innovation and Service Transformation.
Andrew Giles – Non-Executive Director, Housing Sector
Andrew is an IT & Change Director with over 20 years’ experience promoting business change through technology at senior leadership level. He brings a wealth of domain experience to Optus Homes, having previously been ICT Director with large organisations operating in both the social and private residential sectors. He has managed multidisciplinary digital teams of varying sizes throughout his career in both multi-site and international environments. Andrew has recently embarked on a portfolio career to provide fractional support and coaching for IT leadership teams. He has a keen interest in new technology and a detailed understanding of how this can be best applied in housing.
Peter Lukac – Non-Executive Director, Finance
Peter is an experienced and trusted finance and investment professional. With over 12 years’ experience in the corporate sector, he now works as an independent consultant offering advice and support to a portfolio of clients. He concentrates on helping businesses with fundraising, M&A and mission critical finance projects. Peter has had significant exposure to fast growing businesses, and he has guided many of them in identifying and securing external investors. His role with Optus Homes will include strategic advice on issues covering investment, debt and equity. Originally from Slovakia, Peter has lived in the UK for the past 6 years.
Neil McCarthy – Non-Executive Director, Marketing
Neil is an advertising industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing. He has held executive level new business and commercial positions in a variety of organisations, ranging from early stage start-up’s to multi-national holding companies. His successful cross-channel management of strategic projects includes the ever-changing face of social media. To Optus Homes Neil brings extensive experience of translating the diverse business requirements of organisations, into successful marketing and growth strategies.