15th APRIL 2024, London:

FLS – FAST LEAN SMART, the European specialist in field service scheduling and dynamic route optimisation, today announced a strategic partnership with OptusApp for tenant facing self-serve solutions. OptusApp, recognised as a leading powerful and flexible self-serve solution in social housing, has already completed full integration of its platform with FLS VISITOUR.

Jeremy Squire, UK Managing Director at FLS, commented that “FLS has a strong record of partnerships and integration with recognised leaders in the UK social housing sector. We are a leader in real time scheduling with a scalable solution that already powers maintenance for over 500,000 properties across the UK and Europe. It’s important that we continue to position our services as being both disruptive and leading edge, and partnering with OptusApp plays well with our strategic direction.”

The combination of OptusApp’s powerful tenant mobile app, together with FLS’ proven back-office capabilities for intelligent field appointment scheduling, will offer landlords of all sizes enhanced services for repairs reporting, together with the associated repairs appointment planning. Tenants will be able to choose their preferred date and time slot from a selection of cost-optimised windows calculated by FLS VISITOUR and presented on their smartphone via OptusApp. Additional features will allow tenants to reschedule their repairs appointments via OptusApp, and have real-time sight of how far away their repair operative is (‘where’s my engineer’). Embedded route optimisation, 2-way customer messaging and a reduced risk of tenant ‘no-access’ will also create significant cost efficiencies and productivity results for landlords.

“We have long believed that a powerful self-serve solution is one of the key missing components in the UK social housing sector value chain”, commented Gerry Kelly, CEO at OptusApp. “Progressive landlords know that genuine self-serve must be customer-centric, and not system-centric, not just an add-on component to a legacy HMS or CRM. Self-serve is a productivity and efficiency driver, and landlords should be targeting a 75% self-serve rate across their range of customer facing services.”

OptusApp is a cloud-native solution and working in conjunction with FLS to roll-out their combined services to a number of social housing landlords through 2024, with further announcements expected in the coming months.


About OptusApp:

OptusApp is unique in the UK social housing sector as the only provider of a powerful tenant self-serve solutions in a native smartphone app format. Reporting repairs or ASB, paying rent, distribution of TSM surveys and accessing private documentation are just some of the core elements of the OptusApp solution. OptusApp is suitable for landlords of all sizes, is system agnostic and will integrate with any HMS or CRM. It is supplied on a simple SaaS commercial model, on a per-tenant usage basis (no additional fees for Support and Maintenance).

For further details contact Gerry Kelly (gerry@optusapp.com  0777 5816163), or visit https://optusapp.com



FLS VISITOUR’s lightning-fast scheduling and embedded route optimisation delivers unmatched transparency for field services. Real-time management continually updates in the background to provide the most efficient routing for repairs and maintenance operatives, gas teams, voids surveyors, compliance inspectors, rent, and housing officers. FLS uses actual time-of-day traffic based speed profiles and geocoded mapping to plan travel that operatives can reliably achieve on time.

FLS continues to grow throughout the UK, working with Amey, Your Housing Group, Axis Europe, JLA Group, HomeServe, and E.ON, providing best-of-breed scheduling solutions.

A recent customer satisfaction survey ranked FLS among the highest rated field force scheduling on the market with a 9.6 out of 10 rating.

For more about FLS, visit: www.fastleansmart.com/en/